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REVIEW: If You Deceive by Kresley Cole

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If You Deceive (MacCarrick Brothers, #3)

Ethan MacCarrick saw her from afar while trying to help capture and kill his brothers enemy.  Being severely scared he had not know the touch of a woman in years.  But something about this young woman made him want to.  He found a mask, the woman, and a few moments alone with her.  And his life changed forever.
Madeline VanRowan was at a loss.  What should she do next.  She was unable to secure a suitable marriage and had no choice but to marry the older man her mother promised Maddy to before she died.  So when the masked hunk of a man approach her at the ball and then seduced her in his carrage she wanted one real experience before she gave herself to the older man.
Things do not go as planned and Ethan ends up leaving Maddy so upset she runs back to her home in Paris, really her hovel.  Ethan realizes who Maddy is; the daughter of his late enemy and conviences himself he need to ruin her life becuase of what her parents did.  He tracks her down in Paris and proceeds to offer her more than she was refuse, as a ruse of course.
Up, downs, confessions, and secrets: how many can there be before you realize your one true love is not meant to be?  Or no matter what, does true love conquers all?

What a great way to end a great series. The MacCarrick Brother's books are in direct order to my enjoyment of them. Court's book was enjoyable but not as much as Hugh's and Hugh's not as much as Ethan's.

People: LOVED Ethan!! When he appeared in the first two I had very strong dislike for him. I was doubting Ms. Cole's ability to work him into a lovable enough character. He's mean, scary, angry, rude, withdrawn, etc . . . How was he going to get involved in a relationship let alone HEA? Well, I stand corrected. And like many men, it's all due in part to the woman! Maddy is my hero. She is sweet, kind, determined, driven, and focused. My heart continually broke for her but she put her big girl panties on and proved to me that you may be down, you are most certainly not out!

Plot: Riches to rags to riches to death bed to HEA . . . gotta love it!  The moments that Ethan realizes what Maddy has had to live through because of him are so sad, I cried for her many times.

Sizzle: I have a hard time giving Kresley Cole's novels 5/5 stars because the pace of the romancing is not my cup of tea. I don't like when characters jump into bed within 50 pages but something more has to happen before page 300 (exaggeration, but you get my drift). There has been only one book of Ms. Cole's (No Rest for the Wicked) that has fit my preferred pace. I keep reading because I love her characters, but I just can't go 5/5.

REVIEW: A Touch of Greek by Tina Folsom

A Touch of Greek (Out of Olympus #1)

Loved this! 4/5 stars because I did not want it to end. Triton's growth throughout the book was refreshing and I loved his ideas of capturing Sophia's heart in the beginning. Some men . . . even God's get it wrong, ladies. I love mythological romance and this was right up my alley! Just enough sex and a plausible plot. I just love when hubris hubristic hotties get smacked with the love stick (or shot in the ass with an arrow). Will definitely be reading the next installment! Read below for a complete review.

People: Characters were great! Perfect combo of frivolous and hard-working. They both have vain tendencies but eventually they realize that looks don't matter, or in Sophia's case has no bearing. Triton knows he's lickable and that Sophia is a babe but getting back home is out of his hands so he has no choice but to show kindness and selflessness. Humility agrees with him :D

Plot: Totally believable, if you believe in Greek Gods! Please let there be Greek Gods out there somewhere!! I'd give up coffee just to know ├╝ber hot guys with powers to disappear clothes at the snap of their fingers really do exist! The events happen to fall together rather conveniently but I found myself forgiving that just as long as Sophia and Triton had more time together. But as many obvious events there are more OMG moments. Only problem: Triton's story was not long enough :( but complete nevertheless!

Sizzle: Hot like fire! Just starting with Poseidon in the prologue, a very innocent father/daughter like scene had me wanting to meet more Gods. And, boy, there was no disappointment. Chemistry was jumping from the first eye contact. Triton's strut into the bar, their dance, and the many hot moments once he moves in made the actually coupling mouth-watering. The flow was perfect from first contact, to building the fire, to the actual fireworks.

This is the second book I've read by Tina Folsom, I loved the first one, no Sophomore slump for this one either. I am looking forward to her other books, and of course Dionysus' book!

REVIEW: Blue Eyed Devil by Lisa Kleypas

Blue-Eyed Devil (Travises, #2)
Love, love, love this book!! My favorite by far. Being a self-proclaimed feminist, I have forever wondered how a woman could allow herself to be in an abusive relationship, but after this book I see how the small things can escalate under the right narcissists hands. Thank Lisa for BED! All-Time favorite. Just so you know, I do not reread books. In and out is my philosophy!! I have read this book and the related Travis books 3 times or more!! Absolutely recommend to anyone, such a great message!!

REVIEW: Bullet by Laurell K. Hamilton

Bullet (Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter, #19)

Could not get through this one :( Really disappointing too cause the series is so much fun, with her harem of willing men, i mean come on! You are a liar if you don't want hot boys at your beck and call. But Anita Blake has jumped the shark . . . it's time to knock her up and put an apron on her!

REVIEW: Twilight by Stephenie Meyer

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Twilight (Twilight, #1)

 Ok, so this is gonna be a little dry because it's been two years since I read Twilight and the subsequent books. Loved them then, not my cup of tea now. Twilight was the first book I read outside of required reading and I graduated high school 10 years ago. Needless to say, I never read for pleasure before Twilight. It will always have a special place in heart for beginning my introduction into reading for pleasure and even though I will not read the books again, I will keep them always!

Two years ago I could not get enough of Edward Cullen and Bella Swan. Typical teenage angst and bad boy boyfriend that teenagers go gaga for. And apparently older woman too. I watched the movie first and then just had to read to the book. Read all four in about 3 weeks, then it was no holds bar from there. I recently tried to go back and read New Moon (my least favorite of the series) and could not get into it. Bella wines, Edward mopes, Jacob covets, and the rest are just . . . there. I love the relationship between Bella and her father. After watching Eclipse I see how many would think Edward a control boyfriend, he is! All under the guise of for her own safety, but controlling none the less. Jacob needs a girlfriend, he needs to get between the sheets and do it doggy style! (I could not resist)

What I'm really trying to say with this post is that Twilight was a great introduction for me . I learned a lot of thing from these books that has proven true in later books. Thing like:

- I love werewolves. I always root for the warm blood beings

- I prefer adult themes and story lines to young-adult.

- I can not wait for the Breaking Dawn movies!! Books are always better than the movie, but man this is gonna be a doozy for this floozy!

Please stay tuned for future posts, they will be more informative and noteworthy. I just had to give props to Twilight, it was my first ;-)

Let's Do It . . . Wild Thang!

My first blog, my first post!  Super excited!  I wanna use this blog as a outlet for my thoughts and reviews mostly about books, but who knows, I will probably throw something else in the mix too.  Now, I’ve gonna and done it.  I started a blog about books.  My husband’s gonna love this one.  Not only do I prefer couch time and a romance novel to pushing a broom and folding clothes, now I’m gonna to blog about them.  Well, what are you gonna do?

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