Saturday, January 29, 2011

REVIEW: A Touch of Greek by Tina Folsom

A Touch of Greek (Out of Olympus #1)

Loved this! 4/5 stars because I did not want it to end. Triton's growth throughout the book was refreshing and I loved his ideas of capturing Sophia's heart in the beginning. Some men . . . even God's get it wrong, ladies. I love mythological romance and this was right up my alley! Just enough sex and a plausible plot. I just love when hubris hubristic hotties get smacked with the love stick (or shot in the ass with an arrow). Will definitely be reading the next installment! Read below for a complete review.

People: Characters were great! Perfect combo of frivolous and hard-working. They both have vain tendencies but eventually they realize that looks don't matter, or in Sophia's case has no bearing. Triton knows he's lickable and that Sophia is a babe but getting back home is out of his hands so he has no choice but to show kindness and selflessness. Humility agrees with him :D

Plot: Totally believable, if you believe in Greek Gods! Please let there be Greek Gods out there somewhere!! I'd give up coffee just to know ├╝ber hot guys with powers to disappear clothes at the snap of their fingers really do exist! The events happen to fall together rather conveniently but I found myself forgiving that just as long as Sophia and Triton had more time together. But as many obvious events there are more OMG moments. Only problem: Triton's story was not long enough :( but complete nevertheless!

Sizzle: Hot like fire! Just starting with Poseidon in the prologue, a very innocent father/daughter like scene had me wanting to meet more Gods. And, boy, there was no disappointment. Chemistry was jumping from the first eye contact. Triton's strut into the bar, their dance, and the many hot moments once he moves in made the actually coupling mouth-watering. The flow was perfect from first contact, to building the fire, to the actual fireworks.

This is the second book I've read by Tina Folsom, I loved the first one, no Sophomore slump for this one either. I am looking forward to her other books, and of course Dionysus' book!

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