Monday, February 28, 2011

REVIEW: No Place to Run by Maya Banks

5 Floozies Blurb: The last person Sam Kelly expected to save was Sophie Lundgren. Once they shared a brief, intense affair while Sam was undercover and then she vanished. She's spent the last few months on the run, knowing that any mistake would cost her both her life and that of their unborn child. Now she's resurfaced with a warning for Sam: this time, he's the one in danger.

Ohh . . . smokin' older brothers gonna be a daddy!!  You didn't think of that when you failed to use a rain coat, Sam Kelly?  After reading The Darkest Hour that last person I thought would be a brand new poppa was Sam.  He is definitely the more aloof brother.  Not that he lost his aloofness, it was just knocked down a few pegs.  He is rightfully suspicious of Sophie after she explains her lineage, but one thing he does not dwell too much on is the truthfulness of her child's paternity and I am happy for that.  It would have hurt my heart to see Sophie have to convince him after all she went through just to protect herself and her baby.

And what a trooper is she?  I am heart broken about what happened to her mom, and how things evolved after her escape from her father.  She is strong and courageous, sometimes to a detriment.  But she prevails and her baby is nestled safely in her womb.  I was rooting for Sam and Sophie from the first pages of the book.  And boy, were they steamy.  Sexy from the start . . . my kinda book.  Oh, big brother knows how to heat up the sheets.  He is hot like fire!!

The suspenseful parts were in perfect harmony to the lovey-dovey parts.  The conflict of Sophie in the boat, then subsequently over board, was so intense I stayed up late just to make sure she was safe.  And when Sam realizes it's Sophie on his dock, talk about a rising action!  Ms. Banks is great at making you need to read Just One More chapter.  Like ending the chapter with Sophie hanging on to the log for dear life in the middle of the night!  Yeah, just one more chapter!!   And Rusty's growth was so touching.  I cried through that whole conflict.  I'm not even gonna give you guys a little hit, you have to read it!!  Rusty is my girl and I am happy she is on the road to her happily ever after!

I always look forward to Maya Bank's talent of creating such a wonderful connection between the hero and heroine.  She has a special ability of making their time together, whether knockin' boots and just getting to know each other, so intimate.  You almost feel like you are prying in on a private moment.  If there is one way I love to get lost in a book, it's to feel like I am apart of these people's lives while I am reading.  I want to be at their table for dinner and laugh with them at their jokes.  I read because I love getting involved in a story, and hunky operatives are a major bonus!  Maya Banks has delivered every time and No Place to Run is another winner.  Hidden Away comes out tomorrow and I can't wait!!

Saturday, February 26, 2011

I will, I promise!!

I WILL finish No Place to Run and Correalled by Tuesday.  And then I'll read both sequels by next Friday for sure!!  Love for my TOTL(To Go To Ladies)! James and Banks . . . have I mentionedI love you lately?  And you NEED to come to BOISE!!

REVIEW: The Darkest Hour by Maya Banks

GoodRead Blurb: Intelligence: high. Body: hard. Mission: what no one else can do.
It's been a year since ex-Navy SEAL Ethan Kelly saw his wife Rachel alive. Now he's received an anonymous phone call claiming Rachel is alive. To find her, Ethan will have to doge bullets, cross a jungle, and risk falling captive to a deadly drug cartel that threatens his own demise.

This was a GREAT book!  One of the best suspense/romance novels I have read in while.  I stated in a previous blog that I was  surprised by the length of time it took to get down to business.  AND I WAS!!  Maya Banks usually delivers, and delivers hard, fast, strong, etc . . .  Well, The Darkest Hour was not like books I've read from her before but it suited.  It had the best build up v. nookie ratio I've read in a long while.  I grab Maya Banks for erotica but this was definitely romance/suspense.
I hold a special place in my heart for Ethan and Rachel.  I cried on Ethan's shoulder when he was hurting.  I just go gaga over a man that cries!!  But he was a douche bag and screwed up a great relationship.  He regretted his mistake and hoped to make it up to Rachel when she returned from her trip.  He did not get the chance because she died in a plane accident, or so he thought, for a year!!  My mom always told me to say your "Goodbye's" and "I Love You's" because you never know if you will see that person again.  And Ethan is literary proof.  Rachel ends not being killed, but held captive in the jungle where she was doing her missionary work.  They get her back and the work to rebuild her sanity and their relationship is an uphill battle.
I liked Rachel and her struggle and determination to remember life before she was held captive and to gain her strength back.  As always with Maya Banks, the characters are well-defined, relatable, and the men are hunky beef cakes.  I always love a good family series, and I can not wait for the other brothers books!  And who would not love Marlene and Frank Kelly.  What a great matriarch!  Strong and soft, exactly what a mother of 5 boys would have to be.  And Garrett . . . *sigh*  Such a softy!  He cares for Rachel and would protect her over his brother any day, gotta love having that in your corner.
I gonna make a prediction . . . Rusty and Sean are gonna hook up later on down the road!  He's only 10 years older than her and is already starting that bristling attitude thing that guys do when they shouldn't find someone attractive but do!!  Give it 7 KGI years, Rusty will be 23 and Sean will be 33.  Can't you just image all the delectable interactions to come!  Maybe throw in a marriage for Sean and then a divorce giving him a woe is me, I'm never marrying again attitude.  Then walks in pierced and dyed Rusty to complement his straight laced sheriff demeanor . . . maybe I should start writing books :D
Don't be swayed by me Ms. Banks, you keep doing your thing, cause it's working!!

Thursday, February 24, 2011

REVIEW: Play Fling by Amber Scott

3 Floozies

GoodReads Blurb: Playing cupid isn't a reward; it's Millie's punishment. If she doesn't find repressed, divorcee, Brooke, true love in the next thirty days, Millie'll lose the one thing in this life sentence worth fighting for, her partner. Just two problems: First, Millie sucks at matchmaking. Second, too young, too hot, Elliott keeps getting in Millie's way.

(This book was recommend by Best Seller for a Day.  It was part of a Valentines Day special along with two other books.)

This plot is so sweet.  I was happy to see Brooke set her sight on a younger man.  It gives me hope in case my husband trades me in for a newer model.  And Elliott is head over for her too.  When Amber Scott was on, she was ON!!  It was sporadic, though.  Sometimes it was like pulling teeth to get to the next page and then I'd be so engaged I lost track of time.  I loved the character descriptions.  You got a sense of who and what they were.  Loved the interaction between Brooke and Elliot.  When they got together I could actually see sparks fly on my Kindle.  The comedy was genius, new spin on old stuff, I throughly enjoyed it.  I really like Elliot.  I wanted to be his friend.  He's a good guy with a good heart, and he truly overlooks Brooke main insecurity, her age.  I can hear Aaliyah sing now, 'Age ain't nothin' but a number.'  True True!

I did NOT enjoy Millie.  I wanted her to take a long walk off a short pier.  She drove me crazy with the I-know-better-than-you shtick.  I tend to lean more towards free will, as opposed to the fate, so I was not surprised by my reaction.  Millie took her job way to seriously.  I hope she puts her big girl panties on an makes a play for AJ, cause she seriously needs to get laid.

Overall, the book was unnecessarily long with too many tangents, but it all came together well at the end.  The characters were great, the interactions wer awesome, and the comedy was fabulous!  For the cost it was a good read.  I will read more from Amber Scott, I hear her paranormal is really good. I got Love Lust from the Best Seller for a Day special and it's high on my TBR list!

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Thank you Jaci Burton for making my day, again!!

Just received from Jaci Burton's publisher (I assume) because the eBook did not include the cover. And it's a hot one!!

Wooza, what a tasty surprise!!  By far my most favorite cover.  I think it's the football!  Check out my review of The Perfect Play and Changing the Game is coming soon!!

Get busy now or get busy later?

I waited all book for that?!?

It is so hard to say whether I prefer a fast coupling or a sound storyline.  I guess the one thing I can qualify is that if the plot sucks I will be disappointed if the nookie is non-exsistant!  If the story is wonderful, it doesn't really matter.  The book The Darkest Hour it took a little bit of time to get to "the good stuff", especially for the author, but the story is so heartfelt and engaging that I did not even noticed.  If I relate to the  characters, sympathize with their dilemmas, and feel the love between them then sex is not necessary.  It is a gigantically great bonus if they are getting busy, don't get me wrong!  Throw in some dirty talk and you've got yourselves a 5 Floozies book!!

What do you think romance readers out there?
Is timing crucial and if so, what blows your skirt up?

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Priorities of a 3 Year Old!!

A Kid's gotta have priorities and this one's clothes!
I'm too BUSY for my clothes!
My kids, like many kids, love their gaming systems.  They are so popular in my house that it got to the point where they were on some electronic devices all the time.  They'd switch from Wii to DS to and cycle back through!  Sometimes I would not even realize that my daughter had finished her homework and cracked open her DS till I heard her brother getting mad cause he wanted to play.   I admit it, I was busy with house work . . .  bwahaha, no, I was busy reading or blogging!

So, mom implement a new rule: Tuesday, Thursdays, and the weekends the kids can play their gaming systems, aka "Game Days."

Every morning, very shortly after we exchange morning love, hugs, and kisses, they ask, "Is today a Game Day?"

Well, today is and this guy was so excited to play Super Mario Brothers that he forgo clothes.  I don't mind, he's just so darn cute doing his 'game dance' (a series of spastics movements that closely mirror Mario as he navigates through the game).

What will NOT be cute is the crying and whining because "Mario keeps dying!!!"  That I can do without!

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Kindle killed the Paperback Star!

Hell Has Frozen Over For Me Folks!

I swore that I would not get a stupid, new-fandangeled eBook reader.  Kindle could kiss my ass, Nook could lick his-- well, you get the idea.

Leave it to uber-everything Oprah to introduce the world to a generational phenomena!  Kindle, introduced in 2007, took the world by storm.  But not me damn it!  I loved the crack of a spine, the tactile page turning adventure of hard/paper covers.  The damn-it-I'm-finished-and-Border's-is-closed-what-the-hell-am-I-gonna-do-now feeling.  That helpless, asthmatic, coronary fit of not having the next book in a series.  What was my mom supposed to do in the '80 and '90?  Wait till the god damn book store open, that's what bitches!!

But, a la Darwin, books evolve!  And . . . here we are Kindle!  What the is Kindle anyway?

It's less then admirable flammable material!

WHAT!  Please do not burn my $200+ investment, please!  haha!

I was duped into the ebook world because the books I wanted to read were far cheaper as Kindle editions on Amazon then hard print at Barnes & Noble.  $15 compared to $5?  Yeah, a book addict is so going with the cheaper, it's like box vs. bottle to a wino!  I had a plethora of Mac products and downloaded the Kindle app appropriately!

My first "Ah Ha!" (a la Oprah) moment was the intermingling aspect.  I could read on my desktop then leave to drop my kids off and pick up at the same spot on my phone, all while  was in line with those crazy mini-van drivers!  AWESOME!!!!  Especially for someone who repeatedly forgot her paperback at home!

Months go by with my Mac/iPhone bliss, then I start getting headaches. I have to take repetitive naps during the day, and dinner does not get on the table on time . . . THE HORROR!!  What is wrong?  OMG it's a tumor! No, I figured it was the small screen of my phone (my primary reading platform).  So what's the next resonable step for a Mac user?  An iPad, right?  The "Red Rider BB-gun" of tablet/ebook devices.  I want one of those!  "You'll shoot your eye out!" $700 price tag later . . . ok, maybe I can wait for tax season!

What it came down to was:
 - I could NOT read another book on my phone, period!!
 - I want the 3G iPad and that's uber expense
 - Best buy had a special on Kindle covers aka kindle swag :D

I came to necessary, but responsible (bummer), conclusion.  The average person, Mac fiend or not, can not afford a $500+ device when the main purpose is to read books and their competitor's decive is not only cheaper but the price per book is cheaper too!

I got my Kindle that day and it was near orgasmic!  eInk can stay on forever and not burn your screen out.  Plus the browsing/Text-to-Speak/price/facebook connect/. . .  So many things I did not even know! I found a great site for Kindle Tips & Tricks that made me say "WTF" a dozen times!!

I so happy I made the move. Kindle has killed print for me!!!

Monday, February 14, 2011

REVIEW: Colters' Daughter

     I have never read a book with so much BDSM in it.  I currently have another book on my shelf that has a strong BDSM influence and, strangely enough, the Dom in that book is more relatable than Max.  My first reaction was to kick Max in the balls and shake Callie to her senses, but that's probably because I'm a feminist and have a hard time wrapping my head around BDSM.  I just could not connect with Colters' Daughter on that level.  But BDSM is not the only level of this book and I could not put it down!  Ms. Banks constantly amazes me with her modern fairy-tale relationships and the sizzle is always smokin'.  She has a way making you feel like you're apart of the book.  Like an honorary best friend, I became invested in Callie's happiness and was right there with the Colters' for a little Max ass whoppin'.

     Gosh, do I love the Colter men and Holly & Lily are worth of all their attention :P  I really felt compassion for Callie in Colter's Lady and could not wait to find out just what happened in Europe.  She's a strong woman that views the world her own way.  She is not swayed by money and just wants travel the world then settle down in her meadow.  Within the first few pages Max is introduced then kick out on his butt, deservedly!!  Max messed up big time and it is easy to see that he regrets the mistake he made, but it's not his last.  He is sex on a hot stick.  Strong and capable, wanting a submissive to complete his dominate tendencies.  And he finds that in strong-willed Callie Colter.  The story that unfolded made me laugh and cry.  I was surprised, confused, mad, and sad.  HEA prevails though!

     The BDSM was not the only connection between Callie and Max, they really were meant to be together.  I loved this series and Colters' Daughter was a great ending.  I will undoubtedly continue onto the other worlds Maya Banks has created.  And I will try to keep an open mind when BDSM runs rampant.

I'll be right there, Honey!!

I was serching for the first time (OMG, such great stuff!) and talking to my husband about what we were going to have for dinner and what did I stumble upon? This:

So totally true!

HaHa!  Thanks, you guys made my day, my husband . . . not so much!  :D

It's TWO words!! 1. Fairy 2. Tale

Duh!!  Ok, so I just thought my spell check was cracked out cause it kept kicking back fairytale and not giving me any suggestions. (What do I rely on you so much for, spell checker?)  But now I know it's two words, what a moron!  Ok, so how many times have I had to write fairy tale?  Not a lot since this blog, but I know now so I will fix everything.  Sorry to all the teachers out there, I will do better, I promise!!

Friday, February 11, 2011

REVIEW: Caine's Reckoning by Sarah McCarty

Anyone who does not cry for Desi has no heart!  I sympathised most with her character than anyone others from all the books I've read.  Sarah McCarty is brilliant with her story telling and her characters demand respect and a little piece of your heart.  Caine is H-O-double T!  Hunky with soft side, does it get any better?  I just love westerns cause the guys are so rough & tough, and it's a real privlage to see them show pieces of their vulnerable sides.  Ms. McCarty took me on one of the best journeys I've ventured in a long time!  I felt apart of Texas in 1858, that I was on horseback with these characters.  It was unreal!  Couple things though:  It got long winded in some spots and Desi seemed to 'turn the corner' with Caine to suddenly.  I was cheering her on like the Little Engine that Could then she was barrelling over the mountain with singleminded purpose.  I have never been sexual assaulted and could never even begin to imagine the rebuilding that is needed to enter into a relationship.  But it seemed like one page she was "no, I can't" and the very next one was "come here baby."  It left me scratching my head.  We got to point B eventually and oh, brother!!  A cold shower (or a B.O.B) was definitely on order with Caine Allen between the sheets!!  He is so pateient, but a man all at the same time.  He acts the rough caveman then realizes he's being too much and backs offs.  And he gives her chocolate!  Ok, say it with me:  Ahhh!  A fun, imagnative read that reeled me into reading the next book.  Oh, and I'm going to try the Promises series too! 

Thursday, February 3, 2011

I've gone mobile!

Blogging from my phone! Good stuff Floozy Fans!!

REVIEW: THe Perfect Play by Jaci Burton

The Perfect Play by Jaci Burton and Buy it on Amazon!
5 Floozies

Pro quarterback Mick is a star on the field and a playboy off.  That is until he meets single mom and business owner Tara.  Tara wants a one night fairytale but Mick wants more.  Working their way through a relationship of different lifestyles is rewarding while causing problems.  Will they find their happily ever after or are the odds stacked against them?

OK, so there a few reasons I am in love with this book and will admittedly be a little biased:
  1. I ♥ football!  All kinds, PeeWee, Powder Puff, High School, College, Pros.  I come from a huge football family.  My favorite player is Joe Montana, and the 49ers will be my team until the day I die.  So, football in San Francisco is so much fun to read about.  And the fictional team in the book actually had a great season, GO SABERS!!
  2. I was born and raised in the East Bay and met my husband in Concord!  How cool is that!  Lots of books I've read are based out of San Francisco, but none so close to home.
  3. I was one of those girls who dreamed about dating the star quarterback.  My adolescent fairytale come true.
The People: Mick is the star quarterback, a la Tom Brady, only hotter.  He is for all intense & purposes a media whore.  Good looking, actress dating, play maker.  But is that it?  NO!!  He is so sweet and kind.  And although he is new to the multiple-dates-with-one-person scene, he cares for Tara from the get go, and, man, is he good in between the sheets.  He has secrets that make him endearing and the take charge job he does with Nathan melts your heart.  A little oblivious sometimes, but quick to fix his mistakes.  Overall, a prize winning catch!  Tara is strong, focused, and determine to keep her son out of the lifestyle she grew up in.  She shares one night with Mick and think that's it.  But we know better :D Tara constantly talks herself down, which I get, but being a strong woman it erked me a little.  She is a great mom, but refuses to think of her own happiness, to a detriment. Perfect character descriptions and I fell in love with them instantly.  I was rooting for the home team from the beginning!

The Plot: Wow, way too much stuff.  One conflict after another.  I was thinking to myself that the plot seemed a little thin and how would you make an entire book out of that.  Now I know, you add charity events and parties where things go wrong over and over again.  But did I care enough to take a Floozy away?  Hell no!  The conflicts are exactly what you think would happen when a 'somebody' falls in love with a 'nobody'!  Crazy agents, surprise appearance with a hot woman who not the heroine, drunk teenagers. I do wish the skeletons would have stayed in their closets a little longer.  All was revealed by mid-book, so it left a lot of room for filler and more sex :D

The Sizzle: So hot I had to take a few cold showers.  The chemistry was amazing and the anticipation was short lived for the one night fling in the beginning.  I love dirty talk, and this did not disappoint.  There are a lot of sex scenes so if you are more into the relationship and not the lovin' this book might turn you off.  I, for one, am not!  There was enough substance that supported all the coupling.  Mick & Tara's relationship was fun too.  Their non-sexual interactions were sweet and filled with promise.  Phenomenal Sizzle, some of the best I've read in a while!!

I begurdingly paid the $9.99 kindle price (ouch!) hoping my love for football & romance would prevail and they did.  I've found a new author!  I've found a new author!  I am going to go get more Jaci Burton books (hopefully less expensive) and read to my hearts content.  If you want a great love story and steamy bedroom (and beach) scenes, pay the $10, you will not be disappointed!

REVIEW: The Heat by Heather Killough-Walden

3 Floozies

Lily moves back home after 10 years and runs into newly appointed police chief Daniel Kane.  Daniel happens to be Lily's best friend's brother and high school crush.  Now Lily notices something about him that is not quiet right.  One day, while catching up with friends, Chief Daniel asks for a minute of Lily's time and things change forever.  Abductions, claiming, mating, strange tattoos and people that want to eliminate the demons; Lily has no time to process her new world, what will she do?

People: Ms. Killough-Walden does a fabulous job describing the hotness of Daniel!  Bad boy with a badge, book me Dan-O!!  He has power and confidence rolling off him in waves and poor Lily won't know what hits her until it's too late.  Lily is quiet, off-center, kinda woman.  Described in the book as 'the leftover'.  I immediately empathized with her and her plight to better the world through social services.  Then Daniel Kane imposes his world on her and she immediately has to deal.  Tabby is super cute and feisty, loved her banter with her brother and her loyalty to her friend.  Glad she found some lovin'!  My feelings of Malcolm were at such odds.  Revulsion then sympathy.  His book should be good!  The Hunter was crazy.  A great great character!  And though I caught a whiff of who he was, I was still shocked by some of the secrets. (No, I will not tell you who he is!)

Plot: Well, it lacked for me.  It was all over the place, fast and exciting in some places.  Then drawn out and boring in others. Something about the conflicts did not sit right with me.  First Malcolm then The Hunter.  I feel that if the Hunter would have taken Lily from Malcolm it would have meshed better.  I was not diggin' the overbearing man thing.  Daniel and Malcolm could be alpha and powerful without being controlling and manipulative, well maybe not Malcolm.  The Hunter and his craziness brought the ending home for me.

Sizzle: Wow, can you say chemistry!  I loved how Ms. Killough-Walden chose to use one to describe the other.  I was wondering what the heck Lily looked like while she was going off about how Daniel was smokin' hot good/bad boy.  Then Daniel's perspective came next and I loved the descriptive from both.  He was not afraid to admit his love for her from high school and it was really sweet how after all this time they are back together.  Now enter the crazy wolf Daniel, handcuffs,  and a knife . . .  The best is the kiss that can give you an orgasm!  Ya Buddy!  Great chemistry + ok sex scenes = Good Sizzle!!

Good bang for your buck! Literally, only $1.00.  The Heat only receives 3 Floozies though because I felt The Plot and The Sizzle could have been better.  The People's description and interaction was awesome and really saved The Heat from receiving less Floozies.  I will read the next installment but when I'm between books.  I say, get it and enjoy the low price point, worth ever penny!!

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

REVIEW: Samson's Lovely Mortal by Tina Folsom

3 Floozies

Samson, the vampire, has a problem.  A big problem (or not)!  He can't get it up.  No sex for months and he's desperate.  Delilah is on a work trip auditing a big company, she has a problem too.  Someone is trying to kill her.  She doesn't know when she runs up to a house to escape her attacker that she is entering into a vampire's house.  Samson doesn't know that Delilah is not the stripper his friends order.  But he is not going to ask any questions, because he has a bonner, hallelujah!  Delilah is not too happy to be confused as a stripper but accepts Samson's apology and his request for a date to the theater.  Now Samson won't give her up, but Delilah is not on board yet.  Red eyes, fangs, background checks, employees stealing millions.  Samson has a lot of explaining to do, and boy, does he!

PEOPLE:  I did not get the same connection to these characters as I did with Tina Folsom's previous books.  But I did love their interaction together.  Amaury is a hottie!  I wanna read his book.  Hopefully more sex ;D  I wish Delilah's background was explained faster, it seemed to come together carelessly.  Samson was too whipped at one point, but he got his man card back by the end of the book.  And the "OMG, I'm outta here cause you're a crazy vampire" moment switched to forever love rather quickly.

PLOT: Who would not love this book after reading the 1st line?  A vampire with ED is such an awesome topic, and Ms. Folsom did it justice.  ED  is a punch to the pride for a man, and they're human, not so insatiable as a vampire.  So can you imagine how a vampire deals?  Yup, he goes to a shrink!  HAHA  Well, after 9 months without functionality everyone knows what's NOT up.  Except the mortal woman who happens upon his doorstep.  That plot point was over quiet quickly and the connection between Samson and Delilah was super intense.  More conflict abounds and poor Samson's having a bad few days.

SIZZLE: Not so much . . . There was some steam but not enough.  I liked the chemistry between them before they actually coupled.  The anticipation was palpable!  I wanted Amaury to get more action, can't wait to read his book.  The SIZZLE factor was moved up remarkably when Samson and Delilah just talked, the nonsexual interaction was wonderful.

Not the best Tina Folsom book I've read and I can't even say if it's worth it to read for the series until I read the next book.  There were more good moments than not, so not a usless read, I just had a lot of hope after reading A Touch of Greek.  I will definately read the next book, Amaury's Hellion.

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