Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Get busy now or get busy later?

I waited all book for that?!?

It is so hard to say whether I prefer a fast coupling or a sound storyline.  I guess the one thing I can qualify is that if the plot sucks I will be disappointed if the nookie is non-exsistant!  If the story is wonderful, it doesn't really matter.  The book The Darkest Hour it took a little bit of time to get to "the good stuff", especially for the author, but the story is so heartfelt and engaging that I did not even noticed.  If I relate to the  characters, sympathize with their dilemmas, and feel the love between them then sex is not necessary.  It is a gigantically great bonus if they are getting busy, don't get me wrong!  Throw in some dirty talk and you've got yourselves a 5 Floozies book!!

What do you think romance readers out there?
Is timing crucial and if so, what blows your skirt up?

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