Friday, February 11, 2011

REVIEW: Caine's Reckoning by Sarah McCarty

Anyone who does not cry for Desi has no heart!  I sympathised most with her character than anyone others from all the books I've read.  Sarah McCarty is brilliant with her story telling and her characters demand respect and a little piece of your heart.  Caine is H-O-double T!  Hunky with soft side, does it get any better?  I just love westerns cause the guys are so rough & tough, and it's a real privlage to see them show pieces of their vulnerable sides.  Ms. McCarty took me on one of the best journeys I've ventured in a long time!  I felt apart of Texas in 1858, that I was on horseback with these characters.  It was unreal!  Couple things though:  It got long winded in some spots and Desi seemed to 'turn the corner' with Caine to suddenly.  I was cheering her on like the Little Engine that Could then she was barrelling over the mountain with singleminded purpose.  I have never been sexual assaulted and could never even begin to imagine the rebuilding that is needed to enter into a relationship.  But it seemed like one page she was "no, I can't" and the very next one was "come here baby."  It left me scratching my head.  We got to point B eventually and oh, brother!!  A cold shower (or a B.O.B) was definitely on order with Caine Allen between the sheets!!  He is so pateient, but a man all at the same time.  He acts the rough caveman then realizes he's being too much and backs offs.  And he gives her chocolate!  Ok, say it with me:  Ahhh!  A fun, imagnative read that reeled me into reading the next book.  Oh, and I'm going to try the Promises series too! 

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