Monday, February 14, 2011

REVIEW: Colters' Daughter

     I have never read a book with so much BDSM in it.  I currently have another book on my shelf that has a strong BDSM influence and, strangely enough, the Dom in that book is more relatable than Max.  My first reaction was to kick Max in the balls and shake Callie to her senses, but that's probably because I'm a feminist and have a hard time wrapping my head around BDSM.  I just could not connect with Colters' Daughter on that level.  But BDSM is not the only level of this book and I could not put it down!  Ms. Banks constantly amazes me with her modern fairy-tale relationships and the sizzle is always smokin'.  She has a way making you feel like you're apart of the book.  Like an honorary best friend, I became invested in Callie's happiness and was right there with the Colters' for a little Max ass whoppin'.

     Gosh, do I love the Colter men and Holly & Lily are worth of all their attention :P  I really felt compassion for Callie in Colter's Lady and could not wait to find out just what happened in Europe.  She's a strong woman that views the world her own way.  She is not swayed by money and just wants travel the world then settle down in her meadow.  Within the first few pages Max is introduced then kick out on his butt, deservedly!!  Max messed up big time and it is easy to see that he regrets the mistake he made, but it's not his last.  He is sex on a hot stick.  Strong and capable, wanting a submissive to complete his dominate tendencies.  And he finds that in strong-willed Callie Colter.  The story that unfolded made me laugh and cry.  I was surprised, confused, mad, and sad.  HEA prevails though!

     The BDSM was not the only connection between Callie and Max, they really were meant to be together.  I loved this series and Colters' Daughter was a great ending.  I will undoubtedly continue onto the other worlds Maya Banks has created.  And I will try to keep an open mind when BDSM runs rampant.

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