Thursday, February 3, 2011

REVIEW: The Heat by Heather Killough-Walden

3 Floozies

Lily moves back home after 10 years and runs into newly appointed police chief Daniel Kane.  Daniel happens to be Lily's best friend's brother and high school crush.  Now Lily notices something about him that is not quiet right.  One day, while catching up with friends, Chief Daniel asks for a minute of Lily's time and things change forever.  Abductions, claiming, mating, strange tattoos and people that want to eliminate the demons; Lily has no time to process her new world, what will she do?

People: Ms. Killough-Walden does a fabulous job describing the hotness of Daniel!  Bad boy with a badge, book me Dan-O!!  He has power and confidence rolling off him in waves and poor Lily won't know what hits her until it's too late.  Lily is quiet, off-center, kinda woman.  Described in the book as 'the leftover'.  I immediately empathized with her and her plight to better the world through social services.  Then Daniel Kane imposes his world on her and she immediately has to deal.  Tabby is super cute and feisty, loved her banter with her brother and her loyalty to her friend.  Glad she found some lovin'!  My feelings of Malcolm were at such odds.  Revulsion then sympathy.  His book should be good!  The Hunter was crazy.  A great great character!  And though I caught a whiff of who he was, I was still shocked by some of the secrets. (No, I will not tell you who he is!)

Plot: Well, it lacked for me.  It was all over the place, fast and exciting in some places.  Then drawn out and boring in others. Something about the conflicts did not sit right with me.  First Malcolm then The Hunter.  I feel that if the Hunter would have taken Lily from Malcolm it would have meshed better.  I was not diggin' the overbearing man thing.  Daniel and Malcolm could be alpha and powerful without being controlling and manipulative, well maybe not Malcolm.  The Hunter and his craziness brought the ending home for me.

Sizzle: Wow, can you say chemistry!  I loved how Ms. Killough-Walden chose to use one to describe the other.  I was wondering what the heck Lily looked like while she was going off about how Daniel was smokin' hot good/bad boy.  Then Daniel's perspective came next and I loved the descriptive from both.  He was not afraid to admit his love for her from high school and it was really sweet how after all this time they are back together.  Now enter the crazy wolf Daniel, handcuffs,  and a knife . . .  The best is the kiss that can give you an orgasm!  Ya Buddy!  Great chemistry + ok sex scenes = Good Sizzle!!

Good bang for your buck! Literally, only $1.00.  The Heat only receives 3 Floozies though because I felt The Plot and The Sizzle could have been better.  The People's description and interaction was awesome and really saved The Heat from receiving less Floozies.  I will read the next installment but when I'm between books.  I say, get it and enjoy the low price point, worth ever penny!!

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