Thursday, February 3, 2011

REVIEW: THe Perfect Play by Jaci Burton

The Perfect Play by Jaci Burton and Buy it on Amazon!
5 Floozies

Pro quarterback Mick is a star on the field and a playboy off.  That is until he meets single mom and business owner Tara.  Tara wants a one night fairytale but Mick wants more.  Working their way through a relationship of different lifestyles is rewarding while causing problems.  Will they find their happily ever after or are the odds stacked against them?

OK, so there a few reasons I am in love with this book and will admittedly be a little biased:
  1. I ♥ football!  All kinds, PeeWee, Powder Puff, High School, College, Pros.  I come from a huge football family.  My favorite player is Joe Montana, and the 49ers will be my team until the day I die.  So, football in San Francisco is so much fun to read about.  And the fictional team in the book actually had a great season, GO SABERS!!
  2. I was born and raised in the East Bay and met my husband in Concord!  How cool is that!  Lots of books I've read are based out of San Francisco, but none so close to home.
  3. I was one of those girls who dreamed about dating the star quarterback.  My adolescent fairytale come true.
The People: Mick is the star quarterback, a la Tom Brady, only hotter.  He is for all intense & purposes a media whore.  Good looking, actress dating, play maker.  But is that it?  NO!!  He is so sweet and kind.  And although he is new to the multiple-dates-with-one-person scene, he cares for Tara from the get go, and, man, is he good in between the sheets.  He has secrets that make him endearing and the take charge job he does with Nathan melts your heart.  A little oblivious sometimes, but quick to fix his mistakes.  Overall, a prize winning catch!  Tara is strong, focused, and determine to keep her son out of the lifestyle she grew up in.  She shares one night with Mick and think that's it.  But we know better :D Tara constantly talks herself down, which I get, but being a strong woman it erked me a little.  She is a great mom, but refuses to think of her own happiness, to a detriment. Perfect character descriptions and I fell in love with them instantly.  I was rooting for the home team from the beginning!

The Plot: Wow, way too much stuff.  One conflict after another.  I was thinking to myself that the plot seemed a little thin and how would you make an entire book out of that.  Now I know, you add charity events and parties where things go wrong over and over again.  But did I care enough to take a Floozy away?  Hell no!  The conflicts are exactly what you think would happen when a 'somebody' falls in love with a 'nobody'!  Crazy agents, surprise appearance with a hot woman who not the heroine, drunk teenagers. I do wish the skeletons would have stayed in their closets a little longer.  All was revealed by mid-book, so it left a lot of room for filler and more sex :D

The Sizzle: So hot I had to take a few cold showers.  The chemistry was amazing and the anticipation was short lived for the one night fling in the beginning.  I love dirty talk, and this did not disappoint.  There are a lot of sex scenes so if you are more into the relationship and not the lovin' this book might turn you off.  I, for one, am not!  There was enough substance that supported all the coupling.  Mick & Tara's relationship was fun too.  Their non-sexual interactions were sweet and filled with promise.  Phenomenal Sizzle, some of the best I've read in a while!!

I begurdingly paid the $9.99 kindle price (ouch!) hoping my love for football & romance would prevail and they did.  I've found a new author!  I've found a new author!  I am going to go get more Jaci Burton books (hopefully less expensive) and read to my hearts content.  If you want a great love story and steamy bedroom (and beach) scenes, pay the $10, you will not be disappointed!

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