Tuesday, February 1, 2011

REVIEW: Samson's Lovely Mortal by Tina Folsom

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Samson, the vampire, has a problem.  A big problem (or not)!  He can't get it up.  No sex for months and he's desperate.  Delilah is on a work trip auditing a big company, she has a problem too.  Someone is trying to kill her.  She doesn't know when she runs up to a house to escape her attacker that she is entering into a vampire's house.  Samson doesn't know that Delilah is not the stripper his friends order.  But he is not going to ask any questions, because he has a bonner, hallelujah!  Delilah is not too happy to be confused as a stripper but accepts Samson's apology and his request for a date to the theater.  Now Samson won't give her up, but Delilah is not on board yet.  Red eyes, fangs, background checks, employees stealing millions.  Samson has a lot of explaining to do, and boy, does he!

PEOPLE:  I did not get the same connection to these characters as I did with Tina Folsom's previous books.  But I did love their interaction together.  Amaury is a hottie!  I wanna read his book.  Hopefully more sex ;D  I wish Delilah's background was explained faster, it seemed to come together carelessly.  Samson was too whipped at one point, but he got his man card back by the end of the book.  And the "OMG, I'm outta here cause you're a crazy vampire" moment switched to forever love rather quickly.

PLOT: Who would not love this book after reading the 1st line?  A vampire with ED is such an awesome topic, and Ms. Folsom did it justice.  ED  is a punch to the pride for a man, and they're human, not so insatiable as a vampire.  So can you imagine how a vampire deals?  Yup, he goes to a shrink!  HAHA  Well, after 9 months without functionality everyone knows what's NOT up.  Except the mortal woman who happens upon his doorstep.  That plot point was over quiet quickly and the connection between Samson and Delilah was super intense.  More conflict abounds and poor Samson's having a bad few days.

SIZZLE: Not so much . . . There was some steam but not enough.  I liked the chemistry between them before they actually coupled.  The anticipation was palpable!  I wanted Amaury to get more action, can't wait to read his book.  The SIZZLE factor was moved up remarkably when Samson and Delilah just talked, the nonsexual interaction was wonderful.

Not the best Tina Folsom book I've read and I can't even say if it's worth it to read for the series until I read the next book.  There were more good moments than not, so not a usless read, I just had a lot of hope after reading A Touch of Greek.  I will definately read the next book, Amaury's Hellion.

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