Tuesday, November 15, 2011

REVIEW: Lord of Rage by Jill Monroe

Lord of Rage (Royal House of Shadows #2) by Jill Monroe
5 Floozies

Bears and
Bears and
Bears . . . . Oh My!

This is a MUST READ in ORDER series as the conclusion will not be achieved until Lord of the Abyss

Ok, goldielocks and the three bears have never been hotter. The correlation to the fairytale was fun to see evolve. And let me tell you the Fairytale Floozy loves a good fairytale romance, obviously!

Breena (btw: very similar to my sister's name. It's even spoken the same on my kindle's text-to-speech, kinda weird when they got busy) is the only sister of the surviving children of the massacred queen and king of Elden. The kids are squandered away to other realms by their mother's magic and then given the desire for revenge of the Blood Sorcerer, said queen and king murderer, by their father's magic.

Blondie Breena is dumped, lost in a forest of Ursa Berserker (that's bear for you newbs), luckily they are extinct, or are they? Anywho, she ends up in a cabin in the middle of the forest, hungry, thirsty, and tired. On the stove is . . . oatmeal. Luckily there is something to drink too . . . lemonade. Being so tired, she finds the bedroom with . . . three beds. She does not try them all but falls to her exhausted slumber on the biggest.

Sensing a theme? Yup, me too! (hint: relevant items in bold)

And who's bed is that? Osborn, the lone surviving bear or course. Well, he has two brothers, a total of three if you're not sensing the theme, but the brothers have not completed the berserker ritual so they are not furry yet. As far as I can tell the relations end there, but it was super fun while it lasted. Makes me wonder if this was an anomaly or was Lord of the Vampires supposed to loosely represent a fairy tale as well? Realm traveling vampires? Can't think of anything off the top . .

Well, I digress . . . Breena is gungho to have Osborn help avenge her parents and reclaim her island, but not so fast, sister. Osborn is not a big fan of the Eldenites, and sense she selectively forgets to tell him exactly where she came from, he's none to happy with her as well. His participation is limited to helping her hone her warrior skills.

I get all gooey inside when someone chanlleges the long held archaic beliefs of others, so the interactions between Breena and the brothers is so exciting. Brother Bear has not told them the best when it comes to women so they are very 1950's-human-realm in there beliefs. Oh, it's not because he does not like women, it because he likes them too much and does not want his brother to fall victim to the charms of a woman. Well, what do you know, he's the hero in a romance novel so I'm sure you can guess.

The progress from tough and unrelenting crazy bear to a soft and sweet teddy is fantastic. As well as, can't-even-cook-oatmeal princess to warrior ready to slay five head dragon thingies and murdering foes.

Girl Power!

HEAs abound and I could not be more excited to read Lord of the Wolfyn. If the fairytale theme continues I can only image I'll be seeing a red cape and mentioning a grandmother.

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