Thursday, December 1, 2011

REVIEW: Immortal Rider by Larissa Ione

Immortal Rider (Lords of Deliverance #2) by Larissa Ione
5 Floozies

I love, love, love, Larissa Ione and her cast of characters!  She has an amazing way of bring heat, passion, fierceness, and funny into everything she writes or collaborates on (Hello, Sydney Croft!!).  She is current and sassy without sounding fake or contrived.  I noticed more gore (yay!) in Immortal Rider and I was happy to see some of the Demonica Series cameos.

Limos is a kick-ass kick in the pants.  She is devious, demonic, and lonely.  Arik treats her like no one has, like a woman.  She has long since changed her devilish ways but is paying for them now.  Arik is by her side through it all and she soon realizes that she has missed out on that and craves more.

Arik, oh hunky military man!!  I could see all yummy in camos and a machine gun (a la Rambo).  He has demons of his own and, in fact, has a "gift" he inadvertently ended up with when he survived a demon bit in the Demonica Series.  The part where he is trapped in Sheoul is so engaging and gruesome.  His endurance in the most extreme circumstance was motiving!  With a little help from his "friends" (aka Tavin) he escapes and is on his path to finding Limos.  The nicknames he come up with to refer to Limos are funny!  The ones I can remember off the top of my head are My Little Pony and Flicka!

Oh, and the side story of Than and Regan, wow!  Go Regan, who wouldn't want a piece of that.  Oh, but he said NO!  I really got weirded out by that scene.  I am a feminist to the core and have always believed no means no.  Regan raped Than, no way around it.  I'm not sure if that was necessary to the story.  Maybe in his lust filled haze he screams NO in his head only he thinks it's out loud, because, really, I will never get behind that, fiction or not.  Besides that part, I can not wait for Lethal Rider!! A horseman baby, how cool!

Overall a fantastic read.  Ione never fails to draw me in and make me crave more.  Larissa Ione is the best paranormal romance author I have ever read.  She has the best all around book with a perfect mix of gore, grit, romance, sex, and fantasy.  She has the uncanny ability to draw you in and make you apart of the world she has created and if you’ve read any of my reviews, that is my most treasured part of read.  I crave her books and devour them in one sitting.  I will get in line for all of her book without fail!  Thank you, Larissa Ione!!  Keep it up because we're reading what your writing!

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