Friday, January 27, 2012

REVIEW: Under Her Brass Corset by Brenda Williamson

Under Her Brass Corset by Brenda Williamson
5 Floozies

I am so in love with steampunk right now! 

This book was wonderful! Sweet, sexy, engaging, entertaining, terrifying, and heartwarming! I was whisked away to a world of immortality, flying boats, and a love story 20 years in the making. As I have expressed in previous reviews, I am forever in love with a book if I feel a part of the story, if the author can pull me into the world they are creating. Under Her Brass Corset and Brenda Williamson have done that, in spades! 

Abigail Thatch is a "familyless" woman who embarks on a journey with Jasper Blackthorn, a very handsome stranger with lots of secrets. Abigail needs to find her great grandfathers treasure so she can save her house from foreclosure. Jasper suggests they go together on his boat to find the treasure knowing all along the treasure is not what Abigail is expecting. The things they see and the feelings revealed will change them forever!

The heat between Abigail and Jasper is instant and the love scenes are passionate and provocative, a perfect mix! Oh, Jasper . . . *sigh* . . . he is so lust provoking and sweet and sexy. The immortal pirate with a heart and tears, I could just eat him up!! I enjoyed the feelings he expresses over his infatuation with Abigail and when they finally come together I was so happy for both of them. Jasper needed Abigail in his life as a lover and life mate. Abigail needed someone to love her and someone to give her all to! I was not happy with the trust issues she had but I can understand the refusal to believe in youth fountains and immortality. Ponce deLeon's quest was one of my favorites in school and Brenda Williamson did a terrific job spinning off of that. The benefits and positives to eternal life were so wonderfully expressed as well. Jasper's lost love is a perfect example and Abigail's feelings of giving her mother eternal life is even more on point. Adam is a wonderful supporting character. What a great friend and handsome, to boot! It would have been AMAZING if there was a menage with Jasper and Abigail, but then again, maybe not because then she'd have both, the bitch! j/k I really hope he gets a story! Merlin and Quito were fun character too.

Oh, TATTOOS!! Abigail is inked, how awesome and a historical novel first for me!!

Under Her Brass Corset is a must, must, MUST read for 2012 and Brenda Williamson is a must, must, MUST follow author!

Thank you for providing me with this ebook!

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