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REVIEW: Somebody To Love by Kristan Higgins

Somebody to Love by Kristan Higgins
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Parker Welles is a mom, author, and daughter.   On the outside she is a snobby rich girl author, living high on the hog in a mansion while Daddy Dearest keeps her happy.  The true Parker is anything but that.  I feel, deep down she is just trying to reclaim the love and happiness of her childhood.  She has zero romantic interest due mainly because of her emotional commitment to her son, Nicky.  Her father is emotionally and, often times, physically absent.  And her bread and butter children's series has reached it's end, so she is left without focus and motivation.  Unfortunately, Daddy Dearest doesn't help matters by illegally investing Parker and Nicky's trust fund in a ponzi/hedge fund scheme that ultimately lands him in jail.   She has one last nest egg, an ocean front house on the coast of Maine that Parker's maternal aunt left her years ago.  She journeys onward to do a quick flip and move back to Rhode Island.  Elbow meet grease, the inheritance is anything but what she expected. Thank the heavens for Thing One.

James Cahill is like an ogre.  Or is it an onion?  Oh, yes an onion, with layers.  He has been suffering guilt from a childhood tragedy.  Constantly trying to prove his worth, he meets Harry Welles, Parker's dad, on a return flight from a job interview.  Spends his last $100 to impress the multi-millionaire and, by the end of the flight, finds himself the personal attorney of one of the most revered men on Wall Street.  He has also loved Parker from a far ever since their first interaction hours after Nicky was born.  Parker has never been his fan, being as he is her father's lawyer (a.k.a. minion).  After Daddy Dearest goes of to the big house, James drives up to force his help on Parker and does she need it!  Throughout the course of the renovation James falls harder for Parker and Parker learns that he is not her fathers "Yes!" man, but a strong emotional, and supportive man also in a rut as to what to do next.  They form a friendship and eventually, rekindle a romance that has an end date.  When Nicky comes to visit, all bets are off, back to being friends.  Well, we know how that ends up.  I believe the bonding between James and Nicky is even more important than Parker, new ground for both guys.  And it works out in the end.

This is the first book I've read by Kristan Higgins and what a great introduction it was.  Fun, fresh, emotional . . . a perfect relaxing Sunday read.  I really enjoyed the bonding Parker and James develop throughout this book.  And the great cast of supporting characters.  Who wouldn't  want Lavinia for an aunt?  The pace was wonderful and, all though the ending was not wrapped up as nicely as some other contemporary novels I've read, I got the sense of true emotion and response.  I felt that Somebody to Love played out pretty close to real life and that is a great thing.  The sexual elements were very PC, no in-depth detail, perfect for someone not comfortable with the more provocative romance novels.  However, the romance and emotion was still on point.  A few things were a little unbelievable.  For example:  Parkers inheritance just happens to be in the same small town where James summered as kid?  Also, Ethan (Nicky's dad) and Parker are truly friends and Lucy (Ethan's wife and Parkers friend) has zero problem with it?  I guess if those are the only faults, it's not so bad just a little convenient.

Thank you for providing me with this ebook!

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