Sunday, February 5, 2012

REVIEW: Sunrise Point (Virgin River #19) by Robyn Carr

Sunrise Point (Virgin River #19) by Robyn Carr
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I do not think I have ever had a cry "ready" for an entire book before. Happy tears, sad tears, or proud tears, I was ready to show the ultimate emotion for this book every step of the way!! I was so inspired by Nora. Her dedication, and "sticktoitiveness" (as my father would call it) was so admirable! I have never been such a champion of a heroine ever.

Sunrise Point grabs your heart and never lets go. I was thrust into a world of poverty and perseverance, again . . . I grow up in similar conditions and, for various reason, my parental figure was not as driven. Now, as a devoted mother and a valued wife/partner I know how hard Nora struggled and I am so happy that Robyn Carr created the perfect character and story to show the resilience of a dedicated mother! I will do anything to see to my children's safety and welfare and I felt that from Nora and from her local support system. It truly takes a village and I love the Virgin River village :D

Maxie, owner/matriarch of Cavanaugh Apple Orchard persuades her grandson to give, single, destitute mother, Nora, a picking job. Thankful for her position at Cavanaugh Orchards, Nora does not disclose her on-the-job injuries for fear of termination. Tom Cavanaugh is not fooled by her stoic behavior . . . and so the love story begins.

Darla is a GREAT addition, makes me wonder how many dumb men are hoodwinked by conniving women? Juxtaposed to Nora and Maxie's plight with no-good men, blinded by the light, I guess . . . The adventure Nora embarks on is so fun to travel. She has been dealt a lot of shit in her life, about time something goes right!

Although the "regulars" (aside from Rev. Noah) do not interact with Nora & Tom, Jack, Mel, Preach, and Paige were not far away from Virgin River and the side story that is Hank Cooper (aka Coop). I can only imagine Hank Cooper's story is next. We all know the where but . . . Who? What? When?

My favorite Virgin River book so far! Give me more Robyn Carr :D

Thank you for providing me with this ebook!

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