Monday, April 23, 2012

REVIEW: I Only Have Eyes For You (The Sullivans #4) by Bella Andre

I Only Have Eyes For You by Bella Andre
4 Floozies

This was fantabulous!!  I love this series and this book did not fail my expectations.

Nice girl and the bad boy, who could ask for a better pairing.  Jake was yummy and hard core and sensitive and . . . yummy!  And Sophie was sweet and caring and adventurous and daring!

Sophie went after what she wanted and got it, big time.  Let's add determined to that list above.  Even when she gets way more than she bargained for she does not step down and cower in the corner.  She preservers and pushes past all of life's obstacles ultimately getting the guy she has always loved.

Jake is caught off balance by  Sophie's determination but ends up enjoying his one night with his heart's desire.  One night is all he allowed himself and he made sure he and Sophie never crossed paths.  Well, sometime life puts obstacles in your way and you have change course.  He does not feel worthy of Sophie but tries to show her he can be the man she needs.  His secret eventually comes to light but Sophie is a better woman than anyone every gave her credit for!

Those Sullivan's have my heart, I just love them all.  I'm thinking either Zack or Lori is next and I CAN'T WAIT!!  Way to go Bella Andre!  Your books rock and your characters have substance and flaws and love and heart!  And adding the fact these books are based in my old stomping grounds (San Fran and Napa) I am a fan for life!!

Thank you for providing me with this ebook!

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