Wednesday, May 16, 2012

REVIEW: Georgia On My Mind by Marie Force

Georgia On My Mind by Marie Force
4 Floozies

I really like this book!  It came equipped with funny, witty dialogue, three scrumptious brothers, three HEA's and emotion that made me cry.

Georgie/Nathan - Nathan was great!  Sweet and sensitive but hard core loyal and dedicated.  Georgie bugged me at the start, but she won me over with her loyalty to her new friends and the kooky seniors she grew to love.

Tess/Ben - I love 'love at first sight' HEAs.  Ben, an injured war vet, has a grumpy attitude until he meets his perfect match in Nurse Tess.  She is hiding from a secret life that traumatized her, but she finds the love and acceptance she needs in Ben.  They made me "Awe . . " quiet often.

Cat/Ian - Cat pissed me off.  Her tough, take-no-shit attitude put me off from start to almost finish.  Just at the very end did she win points but not many.  Ian is a rockstar, literally and figuratively!  He is a single dad to probably on of the sharpest 4 year olds I've ever read in a book.  Ian & Rosie stole the show in this relationship and because Cat FINALLY realized she was the lucky one did I fall in love with them all!

Great fun read with laughs and tears!  Georgia On My Mind is another home run for Marie Force!

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