Saturday, June 23, 2012

Holy Shnikies!

Fifty Shades is now a part of my #freebiechallenge. The notoriety of this book seems to put it LEVELS beyond what I have been reading for the last few years.  So, you better bring it Christian Gray or Floozy will take you down!!  CAN'T WAIT!!

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

REVIEW: Sweet Dreams (Colorado Mountains #2) by Kristen Ashley

Sweet Dreams (Colorado Mountains #2) by Kristen Ashley
2 Floozies

Ok, so this book sucked big time! There were only a few saving graces, but over all it was a horrible mess of clichés, misogyny, and atrocious editing. The editing did not bother me as much as the other things but it did make this book even harder to like.

Lets start with Lauren . . . ah, such high hopes for the starting-over divorcée. There is one line in the beginning that touched at a spot in my heart:
"But I kind of liked cleaning. It was one thing I could do where I could see the results and I used to put on music and not even think about what I was doing, just fade into the music and move around my house and clean."
Amen, sister! She cruises around the west coast looking for a place to get herself back, and she likes Carnal, CO.

Lauren starts to evolve from a Stepford wife to sharped tonged biker babe. Good for her! If it were not for the overabundant biker clichés she might have pulled it off. Super tight Harley shirts, jean skirts, and loads of jewelry . . . come on! That IS the stereotypical "biker babe" but why not accomplish her transformation without being so cookie cutter. And the same goes for the "i don't take any crap from any one except my 'old man', who can degrade me and throw me around" nonsense.  My skin still crawls at the FAKE selfsufficient woman that was portrayed.

I loved the first few supporting characters so much. Krystal and Bubba's subplot was one of the things that kept me reading. And who would not love Jim Billy! The family atmosphere at Bubba's made me wanna go bar hopping to find a similar one in my home town! And the serial killer was the glue that held this bomb together.

Then Tate Jackson was introduced to the story and my hopes crumbled. Ok, so I will give him a few things: he's hot, he's dedicated to his work and his son, and he . . . ya, that's about it. I have never wanted to jump into a book and beat the shit out of anyone more than I did Tate. His behavior is the epitome of abusive. Double standards, brain washing, degrading, and the list continues. And Lauren (or should I say Ace since Tate deemed that her nickname even though she repeatedly told him not to) allows this behavior. I think she does this because she feels honored to have the affection of the hot biker focused on her. Um . . . isn't that another form of abusive manipulation?

What floored me more was the "that's how I am and you will have to deal with it." I hate that argument. So because you are rude and obnoxious all the people in your sphere need to bend over and take it because that's just who you are? I should add narcissistic to the list of wrong things about Tate Jackson. Gag me with a spoon. Here is just ONE passage that makes me want to hurl:
"'Yeah, you can ask that and I'll promise to do what I can do. But, Ace, since I was a kid, I had a temper. Tellin' you that don't mean I can't compromise just means I am who I am, I know who I am and you gotta take me as I am and learn to get over it."
*shaking my head in total astonishment* "I am who I am, I know who I am and you gotta take me as I am and learn to get over it" . . . ass sphincter says 'WHAT'? How about you act like a real man and learn to adapt to your surroundings? All this "who fucking cares what you think attitude" does not prove you the more evolved species, it makes you look like a douche! If I sensed just a smidgen of growth I would not despise Tate so much, but I did not see anything but the 'my way or the highway' bullshit.

But then Lauren does not help his misogynistic attitude by going along with his behavior:
"And he loved me and wanted me to move in with him, he heard I was looking at apartments and, like usual, when it all came at him at once, he got angry. I'd have to see what I could do to shield him from that."
Really? Really? All I have to say about this delusional gibberish is Tate Jackson is a baby, plain and simple.

All that along with:
- The lack of pronouns
- The overuse of "old lady"
- The fact that this caveman is raising a child to be as barbaric as himself
- All the tank tops and hooker clothes

I have no desire to read anything from Kristen Ashley and her fantasy depiction of a man. That is not a man. And before anyone burns down my house with hate comments, I love a strong, take charge hero. I've read plenty of books that portray the hero as hard core and ruthless but understanding and gentle with the heroine, that's the kind of hero that steals my heart. Tate Jackson repeatedly questioned Lauren and always talked down to her. With all I've read I suggest Tate take multiple and extensive anger management classes and Lauren delve into counseling for co-dependence.

*stepping off my soapbox now*

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Eck!!  Just had a twitter convo with Ms. DePaul.
*clapping hands like a toddler*
 I know, I know . . . authors are just people.  IDC, I still get girlie :D

PICK THIS UP NOW!!  Copping To It was so sinful, my floozies were running wild!!  I KNOW this book will not disappoint.  Copping Attitude is next up on my Freebie Challenge and I CAN'T WAIT!!!

According to the twitter convo between me and *clears throat* Virna DePaul herself, these books do not need to be read in order.   My OCD is rearing it's ugly head but I will trust the pro!  DWLD it and check back for my review if you are still sketchy.

File this under "Can't wait till my Freebie Challenge is over"

What romance blogger blogs about another romance blog?
(got that?)

*thumbs pointed at chest*

Holy Acronym, Batman!  I will NEVER look at a cowboy the same way.  If this blog was giving away kindle copies of Kissin' Tell you would not see it here on FTF.
Bloozies gotsta stay floozy, na mean!
Since author signed books are not my thing, esp older releases, have at #Loreleitte's!

UTC has it on lock down!

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Freebie Alert!

Too bad I have already read this because it would be added to my Freebie Challenge List immediately!  Hurry and grab your copy of Maid for Love (McCarthys of Gansett Island #1) by Marie Force.  It is a fun read and a great start to a wonderful series!  Here is a link to Amazon and some great reviews on Goodreads.

Monday, June 11, 2012

REVIEW: Love Me (Take Me #2) by Bella Andre

Love Me (Take Me #2) by Bella Andra
4 Floozies

Love Me is the sequel of Take Me. After reading Love Me I find it is not necessary to read Take Me first but if you have then you will have a slightly better understanding of the main characters history. I did read Take Me but did not realize until Janica started talking about the Italian wedding festival, then I had one of those lesser "Ah, ha" moments.

Janica Ellis is the younger sister of the heroine in Take Me. She is a clothing designer and is unjustly foisted the role of careless baby sibling. Boys and girls, this is why it is important to write a thorough review, because if I remember correctly I did not care too much for Janica in the prequel. However, she proves me and the other nay-sayers wrong by showing a great deal of maturity and personal growth. Her business is thriving and she is trying everything in her power to keep her feelings for Luke at bay. Our first interaction with her is the start of possible threesome with two randoms she picked up at a bar. Ok, well, that does not show the most maturity but it does tell me that she is at least taking her life, and her pleasure, by the balls. Then Luke shows up and crashes the party.

Luke Carson, surgeon, twin brother to hero in Take Me, and all around dumbass. Just kidding about that last one. He did have a bit of "stupid boy syndrome," but obviously got smart eventually. He is forced to leave the hospital because of fatigue and decides to release some tension with his sister-in-law. Well, there were quiet a few releases and bonds that were forged. He is then forced to take an extended vacation and finds himself with said sister-in-law, Janica, in Big Sur. Luke is the typical romance novel hero. Never going to fall in love, never going to commit to one person, runs away from said love and spends a majority of the book squandering precious time with the person, all so in the last 5 or so pages he finally grows a pair and declares his never-dying, all-comsuming love and adoration. Did I get all the character points? He's taken aback by his burgeoning feelings for Janica and it takes him awhile to finally realize that he is a romance novel hero and there is no escaping fates (or Bella Andre's) decree. 

This was a very sweet book. Don't get me wrong, it had that heat and passion that almost every Bella Andre book has but this had just the right amount of sweetness. Love Me has one of the most enchanting passages about love and making love I've read in a long time:
"'I'm so damn lucky you're here.' His statement was out there before he could think better of saying it. She blinked up at him, her big brown eyes warm with arousal-and love. 'You are?' Her response took him by surprise, the fact that she didn't know it already. And it made him want her even more. It made him want to show her how lucky he was, rather than just tell her with words. The surf crashed around them as her slowly stripped off her clothes. The moon shined down over them as he ran kisses over her skin. The fire flickered as she cried out with pleasure in his arms. As he made love to Janica Ellis, the warning bells and lights clanged and chimmed and shined as loudly as they could, trying to remind him that the higher the heights, the bigger the fall. But with Janica moving beneath him and the stars up above in a cloudless sky, he couldn't stop himself from feeling greater pleasure-and deeper peace-than he ever had before."
Sweet, right? I was Janica's champion throughout the book. I was rooting her on, cringing every so often at her if-only-I-can-make-him-love-me-a-little shtick, but, nevertheless, hoping she got her HEA. Her humor and her sticktoitiveness were great. Then she got her guy and she was still holding out. Wait, what? Luke announces to all and sundry that he loves her and she refuses to ride off into the sunset. Janica lost a little of my support at that point. Then she got whiny about how if only he wanted to love her "not just someone who can't help himself."

My disappointment did not last long, the books climax came along and had me enthralled again. Up, downs, good and not so good, I really enjoyed Love Me. I remember wanting to read this book at the end of Take Me because I wanted to see how Janica and Luke's HEA would transpire. Although, the journey was not exactly what I like/expected, I still enjoyed the ride and continue to enjoy Bella Andre's characters and their development.

Love Me was a wonderful way to kick off my Freebie Challenge!

Saturday, June 9, 2012


Digital books are getting so expensive, it is so unfathomable to me.   Most authors write digitally, ergo pdfs, ergo easily converted .pub files.  I despise author/publishers who charge $14+ for digital books.  Sometimes the digital copy is MORE than the print.  Really?  Emailing a file is more than printing the book and buying shelving space?  If the author/publisher is pissed because their print sales are down, charge more for PRINT!  Sorry Chronicle, Times, Dispatch . . . figure it out, shits going digital!

Those author/publishers who overcharge, can suck big balls!  I call them the 1%ers of the romance novel industry.  I have a special shelf for those authors, it's called the "to-read-if-I-won-the-lottery" shelf.  When one of my favorites defects to the 1%, I am so disappointed.  I read on average 1 book every other day, so if all of my favs defect I'm broke with Amazon purchases.  According to the 1%ers price, that is $7.50 per day!  Really?!?  And I know it's because of demand.  I watched the 50Shades series go from $5+ to $10+ just because of GMA and other national programs.

The Buggles should not have stopped their video/radio rant, digital IS going to kill the print star.  Sorry, but that's how the ball rolls.  I really hope my kids text books are digital when the get to HS!  I'll have all the accounts and devices for them stockpiled over the years.

I really want to ring the publisher's necks, but can't :(  Instead I am committing to a month-long boycott!

That means I will only read:

- "Purchased" $0.00 books from Amazon (at the time of purchase)
-  Library requests
- requests

I will also utilize the services of the following sites (new sources might be added throughout the month) to search for free books:


Please check out my #FreebieChallange/# FreebieRead progress here!

Please feel free to recommend FREE books.  If you are an author that would like to be included in my month-long challenge, please submit your .pdf to  I will provide a honesty review which will be posted here and on

Edited 7/9/2012:

I just wanted to clarify, while I get super irked at overpriced books I will still read them.  It is a drug and I must get my fix.  I don't like it, things would be easier if it were different, but I am a fan for a reason.

Saturday, June 2, 2012

REVIEW: Temptation & Twilight (The Brethren Guardians #3) by Charlotte Featherstone

Temptation & Twilight (The Brethren Guardians #3)
by Charlotte Featherstone
4 Floozies

Here it is! The answer to so many of my questions. Iain/Alynwick/Sinclair and Elizabeth York . . . check! Orpheus reviled . . . check! Emotional and heartwarming relationship . . . check! Suspenseful and engaging plot . . . not so much.

Ok, so what do we call him? Iain? or Alynwick? or Sinclair? Either and all would suffice but for the purpose of this review I will refer to the mouthwateringly "hump-able" hero as Iain, it has the least letters ok! Iain and Lizzy finally came together and explored the passion that has been smoldering for the entire serious, and THANK YOU JESUS for that. I have been waiting and waiting and waiting for this final book for so long and for so many reasons.

Lizzy is probably one of the funnest heroines I've read in a long time. She's sharp, witty, massively intelligent, and sweet to her core. I can picture her when I think of "salt of the earth" women. AND SHE CAN'T EVEN SEE!! Iain did her wrong, way wrong, cause he was a stupid boy! Curse you stupid boys!  

Iain (aka stupid boy) is, in the words of Willy, scrumdillyuptious! He's strong, secretive, ruthless, and a big ol' softie when it comes to his Beth. He was stupid long ago but, no spoilers, things work out as you can imagine.

However, the journey I went on to get there was tedious. The revelation of evil in carnet, Orpheus, was a big let down. I was hoping for fireworks when all I got was a sparkler. Are sparklers fun? Of course! They do the job and the kids love them. Are fireworks better? Hell ya! It seemed like it took forever to get to the point. I keep thinking to myself, "let's just do it already!". And the same thought went through my head when Liz kept pussyfooting around about humpin' Iain. Girl, get that shit already, ok?

All in all, it was a wonderful romantic read. The passion and hunger I seek was there. I was a little disappointed about the journey, but I still love sparklers, regardless. Charlotte Featherstone is a go-to author. You will always get fierce relationships and intriguing stories from her. I really hope Sheldon gets a book, he was a great addition to the cast. And Jack, too! 

Thank you for providing me with this ebook!

REVIEW: Big Sky Mountain(Swoon-Worthy Cowboys #2) by Linda Lael Miller

Big Sky Mountain (Swoon-Worthy Cowboys #2) by Linda Lael Miller
4 Floozies

YES!! Here is the Linda I remember, welcome back! I am really surprised by the rating of this book. I thought it was great! I've read better but judging from the first installment, Big Sky Country, I thought it was wonderful!

Hutch is not "swoon-worthy" as the series title would have you believe. He's cute, he's funny, he's capable where it counts *wink*, but my mouth did not water. However, smokin' hot man types are not indicative to a fun read. The beginning was brilliant. I loved the jilting because, if there is one thing we can expect with romance, the hero will always find the heroine. And the heroine will make him beg! 

Kendra is remarkable, and her little spit-fire of a girl is precious! Hutch has no chance against that one/two punch. Kendra has to come to terms with allowing Hutch back into her life after their past and him being a stupid boy. There is way more under the surface than even I expected leaving me with a huge LIKE for this one.

Bring on some more BIG Sky book Ms. Miller and make them fun and engaging just like Big Sky Mountain. 

Thank you for providing me with this ebook!

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