Saturday, June 9, 2012


Digital books are getting so expensive, it is so unfathomable to me.   Most authors write digitally, ergo pdfs, ergo easily converted .pub files.  I despise author/publishers who charge $14+ for digital books.  Sometimes the digital copy is MORE than the print.  Really?  Emailing a file is more than printing the book and buying shelving space?  If the author/publisher is pissed because their print sales are down, charge more for PRINT!  Sorry Chronicle, Times, Dispatch . . . figure it out, shits going digital!

Those author/publishers who overcharge, can suck big balls!  I call them the 1%ers of the romance novel industry.  I have a special shelf for those authors, it's called the "to-read-if-I-won-the-lottery" shelf.  When one of my favorites defects to the 1%, I am so disappointed.  I read on average 1 book every other day, so if all of my favs defect I'm broke with Amazon purchases.  According to the 1%ers price, that is $7.50 per day!  Really?!?  And I know it's because of demand.  I watched the 50Shades series go from $5+ to $10+ just because of GMA and other national programs.

The Buggles should not have stopped their video/radio rant, digital IS going to kill the print star.  Sorry, but that's how the ball rolls.  I really hope my kids text books are digital when the get to HS!  I'll have all the accounts and devices for them stockpiled over the years.

I really want to ring the publisher's necks, but can't :(  Instead I am committing to a month-long boycott!

That means I will only read:

- "Purchased" $0.00 books from Amazon (at the time of purchase)
-  Library requests
- requests

I will also utilize the services of the following sites (new sources might be added throughout the month) to search for free books:


Please check out my #FreebieChallange/# FreebieRead progress here!

Please feel free to recommend FREE books.  If you are an author that would like to be included in my month-long challenge, please submit your .pdf to  I will provide a honesty review which will be posted here and on

Edited 7/9/2012:

I just wanted to clarify, while I get super irked at overpriced books I will still read them.  It is a drug and I must get my fix.  I don't like it, things would be easier if it were different, but I am a fan for a reason.

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