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My Freebie Challenge List

#FreebieChallenge & #FreebieRead List: As of 7/6/2012

Started 6/29  |  Finished 7/1  4 FLOOZIES

WOW, this is what the hype is all about!  First and foremost Fifty Shades of Grey was not the most erotic nor well written book I've read.  At the end all I could think is "This is what gets suburban wives all hot and bothered?  Boy, do I have library worth of books for you to drool over!"  But it was a lot of fun!  A different spin on an overdone story. Check out my full review here.

6 - Chasing Rainbows by Victoria Lynne
Started 6/19  |  Finished 6/21  5 FLOOZIES

What a wonderful surprise!  I loved every minute of it!  Synopsis to come.

Started 6/17  |  Finished 6/18   4 FLOOZIES

Notes:  Oh, boy!  This is going to be a hot one.  Already a few pages in and we've already gotten a boob and a handsome cowboy!  Synopsis to come

Started 6/13  |  Finished 6/16   3 FLOOZIES

I was slightly disappointed with this book.  Tallie was a crazy "oh, no you can't eat my leftovers" kinda swinging single.  Felicia was afraid if anyone found out she was secretly domestic they'd laugh her out of Park Ave. and Jane was . . . I don't know but most parts with Jane could have been cut and the story would have continued just fine.   The Sounthern Roads series was much better, maybe I was expecting a fun chick-lit like that.  Whole Lotta Trouble was fun and a great plot idea, some parts and people were lacking in flow and structure.   Regardless, it was a fun read, which is why I am giving it 3 Floozies.

Started 6/12  |  Finished 6/13  4 FLOOZIES

I loved this short, sexy read.   The idea of Noah "helping" Jenna overcome her recent sexual assault was a new twist.  I'm sure that premise has been penned before, Copping Attitude made it seem natural.  The only complaint was it was not long enough and a few areas seemed rushed.  I await for the day that Ava Meyers will right a full length novel and as naughty as the Red-Hot Series!

Started 6/11  |  Finished 6/12  3.5 FLOOZIES

My first thought from the cover is this is going to be some unrealistic chick-lit bore.  I mean who would divorce a rack like that?  Heroine's going to be a whack job, watch!  A few of my friends give this book 4+ stars so we shall see if my taste follow theirs once again.  A little skeptic to start though.

Edited 6/17
Way better than expected.  The plot was cheeky and "chit-lit"y but fun and engaging.  It reminded me of a play I was in in high school, Rumors.  Chaotic and fast paced but justice was served and HEA's doled out.  Good light read for the beach.

1 - Love Me by Bella Andre
Started 6/9  |  Finished 6/10   4 FLOOZIES

I've read MANY books by this author and I expect this to be another great amongst many!   I am actually HAPPY to find a FREE one by Bella.  This is the perfect book to start my daunting task because I know this author, I've read her before, and I've loved everything.  There is another author on my list that I have read before but I am leaving her for my finale *wink*.  Can't wait to start!!

Edited 6/9
Bella Andre retweeted my challenge update!  I know authors are regular people but where someone might get girlie over sports figures, authors direct contact gets me so excited!!

Edited 6/11
Final Thoughts: Up, downs, good and not so good, I really enjoyed Love Me. I remember wanting to read this book at the end of Take Me because I wanted to see how Janica and Luke's HEA would transpire. Although, the journey was not exactly what I like/expected, I still enjoyed the ride and continue to enjoy Bella Andre's characters and their development.  Check out my full review here.


Up Next:
8 - She's Gotta Be Mine by Jasmine Haynes & Jennifer Skully
9 - Irresisible Forces by Brenda Jackson
10 - Return to You by Kate Perry
11 - Taken by Selena Kitt
12 - Twenty-Eight and a Half Wishes (Rose Gardner Mysteries #1) by Denise Grover Swank
13 - A Little Bit of Deja Vu by Laurie Kellogg
14 - What WIld Moonlight by Victoria Lynne
15 - Bridesmaid Lotto by Rachel Astor
16 - The Grandmaster's Legacy Box Set by Taylor Lee
- Struck by Thunder
- Race for Redemption
- The Frenchman's Woman
- The Frenchman's Revenge
17 - Yearning: A Paranormal Box Set (compilation)
- Fierce Dawn by Amber Scott
- Heartsblood by Carolyn McCray
- Soul Search bu Amber Scott
- Fated by Carolyn McCray
18 - Under the Covers by Rita Herron
19 - The Winds of Heavens (Sons of Rhodri #3) by Anna Markland
20 - Warrior's Bride (The Stone of Destiny #2) by Gerri Russell
21 - Wanted-Dead or Alive by Amber Scott
22 - He's Her (Vicarage Bench #2)
23- The Huntress by Dorothy McFalls
24 - Smooth Irish (Weldon #2) by Jennifer Saints
25 - Oceans Between Us by Helen Scott Taylor
26 - Too Close for Comfort by Eve Gaddy
27 - Thoroughbreds and Trailer Trash by Bev Pettersen
28 - In the Midnight Rain by Ruth Wind

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