Saturday, June 2, 2012

REVIEW: Temptation & Twilight (The Brethren Guardians #3) by Charlotte Featherstone

Temptation & Twilight (The Brethren Guardians #3)
by Charlotte Featherstone
4 Floozies

Here it is! The answer to so many of my questions. Iain/Alynwick/Sinclair and Elizabeth York . . . check! Orpheus reviled . . . check! Emotional and heartwarming relationship . . . check! Suspenseful and engaging plot . . . not so much.

Ok, so what do we call him? Iain? or Alynwick? or Sinclair? Either and all would suffice but for the purpose of this review I will refer to the mouthwateringly "hump-able" hero as Iain, it has the least letters ok! Iain and Lizzy finally came together and explored the passion that has been smoldering for the entire serious, and THANK YOU JESUS for that. I have been waiting and waiting and waiting for this final book for so long and for so many reasons.

Lizzy is probably one of the funnest heroines I've read in a long time. She's sharp, witty, massively intelligent, and sweet to her core. I can picture her when I think of "salt of the earth" women. AND SHE CAN'T EVEN SEE!! Iain did her wrong, way wrong, cause he was a stupid boy! Curse you stupid boys!  

Iain (aka stupid boy) is, in the words of Willy, scrumdillyuptious! He's strong, secretive, ruthless, and a big ol' softie when it comes to his Beth. He was stupid long ago but, no spoilers, things work out as you can imagine.

However, the journey I went on to get there was tedious. The revelation of evil in carnet, Orpheus, was a big let down. I was hoping for fireworks when all I got was a sparkler. Are sparklers fun? Of course! They do the job and the kids love them. Are fireworks better? Hell ya! It seemed like it took forever to get to the point. I keep thinking to myself, "let's just do it already!". And the same thought went through my head when Liz kept pussyfooting around about humpin' Iain. Girl, get that shit already, ok?

All in all, it was a wonderful romantic read. The passion and hunger I seek was there. I was a little disappointed about the journey, but I still love sparklers, regardless. Charlotte Featherstone is a go-to author. You will always get fierce relationships and intriguing stories from her. I really hope Sheldon gets a book, he was a great addition to the cast. And Jack, too! 

Thank you for providing me with this ebook!

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