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REVIEW: At Last (Lucky Harbor #5) by Jill Shalvis

At Last (Lucky Harbor #5) by Jill Shalvis
4 Floozies

I really liked this book! At Last had the right mix of angst, love, and perseverance!

Oh, Matt Bowers, why are you so delicious? He's sweet, strong, and sexy, meeting the criteria of a delectable hero. He moved from Chicago where his career as a SWAT officer took a turn for the worst after he turned in his partner for being on the take. His dumb ex-wife did not like his job, especially after being stalked by a perp that Matt arrested. What a wuss! So, he hooked up with his old military buddy, Ty, and moved to Lucky Harbor to be the Forrest Ranger. You remember Ty, right? The hunky hero from Lucky in Love.

Matt is going about his never-need-love-again routine when Amy Michaels dons the pink EAT ME apron and starts serving him truck loads of Dr. Pepper (I hope Dublin Dr. Pepper, but probably not).  Matt does not want a relationship, he just wants some Amy nookie. So when he get's the "just sex" go ahead he pounces, and it's worth reading for sure!

Amy Michaels comes to Lucky Harbor through some heartbreaking life experiences. The product of teenage bumpin' and grindin', she lived with her grandmother until she died when Amy was 12. Her mother was remarried to a wealth board member so Amy went to live with them. Typical teenage rebellion and calls for attention garnered Amy no true friends and no real goals in life. By the time she was 16 she was, however, grabbing the attention of the boys at her school and her step-father, who tried to act on his feelings. She tells her mom but, as stupid as women can be about their partners, her mom does not believe her. Understandably, Amy runs away and makes her way of things for about 10 years. Finally she ends up in Lucky Harbor to retrace her grandma's life-fulfilling journey through the Pacific Northwest.

She likes Matt, a lot, but is reluctant to act on her feelings because of the way she used to engage with men in her past. She used sex as a tool and, as a self-prescrbed moratorium, she has not had relations in a very long time to cure her of that destructive behavior. But she can not resist Ranger Hot Buns! The "just sex" arrangement commences and my romance-educated brain realizes the beginning of the end for both of them.

There is hardly any mention of the original sisters, which was a little disheartening. Sawyer makes a respectable appearance helping Matt with sheriff/ranger things. Lucille is front and center with her blue-haried Facebook shenanigans. Riley, a new comer to Lucky Harbor, is introduced and makes a heartfelt impression on Amy as a troubled teenage homeless runaway. The chocoholics make my day. Mallory's good girl lessons crack me up and of course lesson #1 is never tease about chocolate! Hang tight Grace, your life's purpose and HEA are right around the corner. Did some one call for a doctor?

At Last could have been a 5 Floozies show stopper if not for all the Hh indecision. "He's gonna hate me if he knows, so I won't tell him." "She will never truly love me if she knows what I really did." Self-doubt is an integral part of tortured soul romance but too much is just annoying. Thankfully Ms. Shalvis kept the hemming and hawing to a minimum and saved any more Floozies from running away.

At Last is a must read and the Lucky Harbor series continues to keep me entertained and wanting more. On to Forever and a Day!! I can't wait to read about Dr. Josh and Grace. There was just enough teasing in At Last to make me giddy with anticipation!

Thank you for providing me with this ebook!

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