Monday, November 21, 2011

REVIEW: Pride & Passion by Charlotte Featherston

Pride & Passion (The Brethren Guardians #2) by Charlotte Featherstone
4 Floozies

Charolette Featherstone's writing is breathtaking! The emotion conveyed is unparalleled, her characters have depth beyond the pages, and the journey I was taken on was unforgettable. Pride & Passion is the second book in the Brethren Guardian series and the third book I've read by Ms. Featherstone and she has never failed me. I end up loving every word and damn the time between books!

I am slightly conflicted when it comes to Lucy. I know she is young and heartbroken over her lover's death, however she seems immature and will not open her arms to Adrian. Maybe it's because I know her HEA is with Adrian so I want her to put her big girl panties on and deal! At first I was not a fan, but with what she's had to deal with in her childhood, and now her relationship to her dad, I can understand and even empathize. Her maid (Sybil?) is a fishy character, something's up with her. Maybe she is Orpheus's girlfriend, the one that was in his room?

Oh, Adrain! I just adore him. He's kind, caring, loyal, and mysterious. He loves Lucy, but she won't throw him a bone for half the book. However, he's unrelenting, and the bomb that he drops at her feet is just so yummy! I love when things come full circle. Adrian was provided with an opportunity that he was reluctant to take but ended up using as a means to provide for those less fortunate. Gosh, don't you just love him?

Adrian ends up taking what he wants, and he for sure wants Lucy. The mysterious and dangerous Orpheus is still at large and now Elizabeth is missing! Go get her, Iain!! Great characters, great suspense, great romance, GREAT BOOK! Temptation & Twilight is next and I will be first in line!

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