Saturday, February 19, 2011

Kindle killed the Paperback Star!

Hell Has Frozen Over For Me Folks!

I swore that I would not get a stupid, new-fandangeled eBook reader.  Kindle could kiss my ass, Nook could lick his-- well, you get the idea.

Leave it to uber-everything Oprah to introduce the world to a generational phenomena!  Kindle, introduced in 2007, took the world by storm.  But not me damn it!  I loved the crack of a spine, the tactile page turning adventure of hard/paper covers.  The damn-it-I'm-finished-and-Border's-is-closed-what-the-hell-am-I-gonna-do-now feeling.  That helpless, asthmatic, coronary fit of not having the next book in a series.  What was my mom supposed to do in the '80 and '90?  Wait till the god damn book store open, that's what bitches!!

But, a la Darwin, books evolve!  And . . . here we are Kindle!  What the is Kindle anyway?

It's less then admirable flammable material!

WHAT!  Please do not burn my $200+ investment, please!  haha!

I was duped into the ebook world because the books I wanted to read were far cheaper as Kindle editions on Amazon then hard print at Barnes & Noble.  $15 compared to $5?  Yeah, a book addict is so going with the cheaper, it's like box vs. bottle to a wino!  I had a plethora of Mac products and downloaded the Kindle app appropriately!

My first "Ah Ha!" (a la Oprah) moment was the intermingling aspect.  I could read on my desktop then leave to drop my kids off and pick up at the same spot on my phone, all while  was in line with those crazy mini-van drivers!  AWESOME!!!!  Especially for someone who repeatedly forgot her paperback at home!

Months go by with my Mac/iPhone bliss, then I start getting headaches. I have to take repetitive naps during the day, and dinner does not get on the table on time . . . THE HORROR!!  What is wrong?  OMG it's a tumor! No, I figured it was the small screen of my phone (my primary reading platform).  So what's the next resonable step for a Mac user?  An iPad, right?  The "Red Rider BB-gun" of tablet/ebook devices.  I want one of those!  "You'll shoot your eye out!" $700 price tag later . . . ok, maybe I can wait for tax season!

What it came down to was:
 - I could NOT read another book on my phone, period!!
 - I want the 3G iPad and that's uber expense
 - Best buy had a special on Kindle covers aka kindle swag :D

I came to necessary, but responsible (bummer), conclusion.  The average person, Mac fiend or not, can not afford a $500+ device when the main purpose is to read books and their competitor's decive is not only cheaper but the price per book is cheaper too!

I got my Kindle that day and it was near orgasmic!  eInk can stay on forever and not burn your screen out.  Plus the browsing/Text-to-Speak/price/facebook connect/. . .  So many things I did not even know! I found a great site for Kindle Tips & Tricks that made me say "WTF" a dozen times!!

I so happy I made the move. Kindle has killed print for me!!!

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