Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Priorities of a 3 Year Old!!

A Kid's gotta have priorities and this one's clothes!
I'm too BUSY for my clothes!
My kids, like many kids, love their gaming systems.  They are so popular in my house that it got to the point where they were on some electronic devices all the time.  They'd switch from Wii to DS to PBSkids.org and cycle back through!  Sometimes I would not even realize that my daughter had finished her homework and cracked open her DS till I heard her brother getting mad cause he wanted to play.   I admit it, I was busy with house work . . .  bwahaha, no, I was busy reading or blogging!

So, mom implement a new rule: Tuesday, Thursdays, and the weekends the kids can play their gaming systems, aka "Game Days."

Every morning, very shortly after we exchange morning love, hugs, and kisses, they ask, "Is today a Game Day?"

Well, today is and this guy was so excited to play Super Mario Brothers that he forgo clothes.  I don't mind, he's just so darn cute doing his 'game dance' (a series of spastics movements that closely mirror Mario as he navigates through the game).

What will NOT be cute is the crying and whining because "Mario keeps dying!!!"  That I can do without!

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